Business cards don’t just give out essential contact information, but also help increase your brand awareness. Every enterprise must know how to leverage a business card as an effective marketing tool. There has always been a contest between paper business cards and digital business cards. While some believe that the traditional printed business cards are better, others feel that digital business cards have an upper hand in this technology-driven world. But the fact remains that paper business cards have survived the test of time and are still an integral part of marketing strategies.

A paper business card is a physical extension of your business and so, the tangibility of these cards helps current and prospective customers remember your business. The high paper quality of the card reflects that the company’s products or services are top notch. Whereas, the digital business card relies entirely on its overall design for an impact. They lack the sense of touch that paper-based cards have. The entire process of sharing a printed business card - the handshake, business talks, etc, helps build good business relations. This is not the case with sharing the cards online.

Printed business cards also add to the sense of legitimacy of your business. While people are overwhelmed with the influx of emails and online pop ups, there is no certainty whether they have opened your digital business cards. But, when you share a printed business card with your clients/customers, it is a given that the recipient will go through its content at least once.

It’s not as if digital business cards have no advantage over paper cards. The major benefit is that unlike the paper cards, there is no lack of space here. One can include as much information as needed on digital business cards. But nowadays, two- and three-fold business cards can be easily printed, giving more space for the content. Another factor is that digital cards do not waste paper and are eco-friendly. But nowadays, every business is looking for sustainability and is making necessary changes to go green. The printed business cards too can be recycled and the use of eco-friendly paper is on a rise. Overall, paper business cards are reliable, trustworthy, cost-effective, and definitely a better choice as compared to digital business cards.

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