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The Do's Of Buying Laptop Backpacks


A laptop bag is an essential part of our life. While the office work has shifted from paper to laptops and computers, one needs to carry the device with them everywhere. The wide varieties of laptops available in the market have led to an increase in the popularity of laptop backpacks. It's important to consider various aspects of the build of the bag before buying it. The tablet and laptop that you use need careful handling as these products are both costly and carry vital data. Thus, opting for the best laptop backpack is necessary.


However, choosing a laptop bag can be confusing with so many types, shapes, and colours available in the market. There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration. What brands to go for? Which bag provides extra protection from the rain? How many pockets or slots do you need? So, here are some pointers to keep in mind while shopping for that perfect laptop back bag without compromising on any of the aspects that you require. These suggestions are valid for all your needs when it comes to preferences based on the capacity of the backpack, style, or budget.


  • Comfort First - Comfort should be the first priority while buying the backpack. Your bag is not used only for your laptop. A lot of additional documents, cords, and everyday essentials need to be carried along. The bag should be comfortable enough for carrying heavy loads. Ensure that the weight inside the backpack is distributed evenly. Check for the dimensions of the bag to make sure that it sits well on your back. The weight should not strain your body. Look for the straps if they are wide enough and the cushioning at the back. If commuting takes up most of your time then gets a backpack with mesh lining to lessen the sweating.
  • Get the Correct Design - Are you tired of carrying that boring old laptop bag? Invest in a more stylish laptop bag. Style does not mean only the outer appearance. The number of pockets, storage options, and the overall build of the bag should be looked into. A bulky bag has its own weight and is out of style. Go for simpler bags with a slot for your laptop, some extra pockets, and the main compartment. The Wildcraft Ace Laptop Backpack is a supreme backpack, great in terms of comfort and style. Available in funky pink colour, this bag is ideal for carrying all that extra stuff with you to your workplace.
  • Durable and Functional - The shelf life of a backpack depends on the material it is made up of and how it is handled by you. While the latter is completely subjective, the material plays a vital role. You must check that the bag is sturdy enough. Your backpack will be with you wherever you go, so make sure that it is well cushioned to prevent the laptop from any external shock. The premium laptop bags made of polyester fibre are both tear-resistant and have mesh breathability.
  • Size of the Backpack - One of the major things to consider while buying the laptop backpack is the size. The bag should be according to the laptop size. The bag should serve the utility. If you are a regular office employee, you might need a standard-sized bag. However, if you travel long distances to reach work, then you must get your hands on a big-sized backpack that holds your lunchbox, water bottle, laptop, chargers, etc. You should not have to carry 2-3 supplementary bags with you. So, keep in mind to select the right size as per your personal preference.
  • Perfect Storage - Do you have to first take out everything from your bag just to get a small pen? As discussed, storage is the primary function of a laptop bag. Ideally, a bag should have enough storage to fill all the things properly and not look overstuffed. The secondary compartments to hold the files, cards, and notebooks should be present. Adequate storage shall help you take your office with you. Firstly, decide how much material you need to carry, and buy the bag accordingly. You should have to make space for everything inside the bag.
  • Look For the New Features - With new inventions taking place rapidly, some designer laptop bags have USB charging ports attached to them. So, if you have the habit of keeping your devices charged at all times, then you can go for such bags. You might think that purchasing a laptop bag in person is the best way to determine the features. Some reliable online websites provide an array of stylish laptop bags. Simply surf through these portals and buy laptop bags online from the comfort of your home. You will get supreme backpack prices on these websites and can select the range according to your budget.


Laptop bags act like an insurance for your devices. It can be a great gifting and promotional option. PrintStop is here to help you choose from a variety of laptop bags online. Get easy customisation with your name or logos printed on them.

Gift Ideas For Every Family Member

It is rightly said that family matters the most in life. Shouldn’t we all make our family members feel special by giving them gifts, not just for their birthdays or anniversaries, but also to show your gratitude. Let your family know how blessed you truly feel for having them in your life. Here are some gift ideas for every family member:


  1. Diaries-Diaries are useful for almost everyone. You can gift a customized diary to your siblings studying in schools/colleges or even to your working parents. Keeping a diary helps people reconnect with their own selves So, a diary as a gift will never go wrong.
  2. Pens-Pens are needed by everyone. I know you might be thinking how can a pen be a good gift idea? Well, what if you customize it and engrave your family member’s name on it? This makes it sophisticated and yet very much personal. Gift a customized engraved pen to your family members, it will definitely put a wide smile on their faces.
  3. Mugs-Who doesn’t have their morning cup of tea/coffee? With a customized mug, you can add some fun in your family members’ morning routine. Every time they’ll have some coffee/tea, it’ll instantly remind them of you. Sounds as a great gift idea, isn’t it?
  4. Calendars-It is a given that every household has a calendar. But why to buy those ordinary calendars when you can have a customized calendar with all your family members’ photos on it? A customized calendar is something which you can gift to all of your family members collectively.
  5. Backpacks and bags-Of course you might be going on trips with your family. How about gifting personalised backpacks to each of your family members? You can even gift printed paper or tote bags.
  6. Photo gifts- Photo gifts are an all-time special gift. Get your family portrait framed and gift it to your family members and keep the memories refreshed forever. You can even get photo magnets or canvas prints.
  7. Customized t-shirts-Customized t-shirts make for a great gift idea. Create a theme which suits your family the best and get customized t-shirts printed for your entire family.


PrintStop, a professional print company, offers a lot of products which can be gifted to your family members. Be it photo gifts, bags, engraved pens, diaries, photo mugs, backpacks, customized t-shirts, calendars or passport covers, PrintStop has it all. Their in-house design team Pehchaan helps you to customize these gifts in any way you want to. Also, their price calculator tab lets you keep a check on your expenditure.

Eight Creative Uses For Your Personalized Mugs

If you believe that personalized mugs can only be used for sipping coffee/tea, then you’re indeed mistaken. Well, there are certainly other creative uses of personalized mugs. Have you kept your mugs stored in the cupboard? Time to take it out and get creative. Here are eight creative uses for your personalized mugs:


  1. Plant holder-Don’t have enough space in your home for a garden? Just get your personalized mugs and turn it into little plant pots or herb planters. You can plant some fresh herbs or a cactus. These cute little plant holders will definitely be a beautiful addition to your house.
  2. Bird feeder-We’ve always been taught to help our birdie friends. It won’t take much to keep some water and bird-friendly treats in your balcony. All you need to do is get your personalised mug and hang it outside. It’s that simple.
  3. Pen/Spoon holder-Do you like keeping your desk organized? Personalized mugs can be used to hold all your favourite pens, pencils, markers, and sketch pens. Girls can also use it as a make-up brush holder. It can also use it on your dining table as a spoon holder. Keep your spoon, forks, and other cutlery items in your personalized mug.
  4. Make mug cakes-Making cake gets easy when you opt for those tiny mug cakes. If your personalised cup is microwave safe, you can have a cake made for yourself in it.
  5. Candle holders-Personalised mugs can anytime be used for creating your own candle holders. Decorating your home has never been so easy, just fill your mugs with wax and a wick, and maybe even add a homely fragrance for a scented candle.
  6. Snack holders- Who doesn’t love movie night with their loved ones? Now make binge-watching more fun by using your personalised mugs as snack holders. You can add popcorn with cheese or any of your favourite snacks in the mug.
  7. Table décor item-Put in some fresh or artificial flowers in your personalised mug and place it on your table. It’s that easy to make a home décor item which even adds an elegant touch to your home.
  8. Piggy bank- Everyone had a piggy bank in their childhood, why not have one now that you’re an adult? Cut out a round shaped carboard stick it on your personalised mug. Now, make a small coin-sized opening in the centre and your own piggy bank is ready to be used.


PrintStop, a professional printing company, offers online mug printing services. It is just the right stop for getting personalised mugs. They have a wide range of options like coffee mugs, tea mugs, magic mugs, metallic mugs, unbreakable mugs, beer mugs, conical mugs, and premium engraved mugs. Their in-house design team Pehchaan helps you to create stunning personalised mugs. To print personalised mugs online at PrintStop.

The Importance Of Quality Printing In Business

All companies, from SMEs to corporates, need printed marketing materials for branding purposes. While most of the attention is towards the content and design of such materials, the quality factor should never be neglected. In fact, the quality of printed materials including business cards, brochures, posters, banners, etc, showcases the quality of your products and services. Quite often, printed marketing materials are the first introduction a client has to your business. Here are some points to make you realize the importance of quality printing in business:

  1. An effective first impression- High quality printed marketing materials stand out from the rest and catch the attention of the customers, compelling them to read the content. If the texture and paper quality of your printed items are good, it instantly leaves a mark in your customers’ minds and creates a good first impression.
  2. Higher retention rates- The quality of your printed materials affects the retention rates. Better the quality, higher are the retention rates. You surely don’t want to leave your prospects uninterested and uninspired to buy your products and services; this is where good quality comes in handy to retain your customers and clients.
  3. Credibility- Printed materials of premium quality give out a professional and sophisticated look to your business. It makes for a great first impression and adds to the credibility of your business. And credibility is of utmost importance to build a loyal customer base.
  4. Enhance your brand image- Having high quality printed marketing material is a great way to enhance your brand image, as the print quality speaks volume about your brand and business.

PrintStop is a professional printing company which offers a wide range of printed marketing products for your company. It caters to all of your corporate printing needs. Be it flyers, banners, brochures, booklets, business cards, banners, posters, or other retail marketing products, PrintStop has it all. They believe in providing as much artistic liberty to their customers as possible. You can either upload your own design or get a custom design made by their in-house design team named Pehchaan. Their business printing solution named Pro Marketing, has eased the process of getting printed marketing materials for your business. It allows a business to create an online portal with all marketing products. Learn more about PrintStop at

The Best Day For A Personalized Corporate Gift – Employee Appreciation Day

The Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday of March. It is important for both SMEs and big corporate companies to observe this day, in order to enhance employee engagement and to show gratitude for all the hard work they do. Employee Appreciation Day helps companies to build trust, job satisfaction, self-belief, and overall welfare. Even research has proved that recognition and appreciation of employees can boost their morale and increase productivity. Founded in 1995 by Bob Nelson along with his publishing company named Workman Publishing, this day goes a long way in strengthening the bond between employers and employees.

The best way to make Employee Appreciation Day a special one is to give out personalized corporate gifts to your employees. You can use this day as a great opportunity to compliment your employees for their year-round work. These customized corporate gifts will never fail to leave a lasting imprint on your employees. They improve business relationships and enhance personal connections between employers and employees.

Are you confused about where to find the best personalized corporate gifts to make Employee Appreciation Day a success? Well, PrintStop is here to help you. It is a professional printing service, which offers customized corporate gifts printing on a wide scale. Be it coffee mugs, tea coasters, leather backed journals, power banks, photo frames, diaries, notebooks, calendars, water bottles, engraved pens, or desk accessories. 

At PrintStop, you can either upload your own design or get a custom design made by their in-house design team named Pehchaan. Their price-calculator tab lets you stay within your budget. They even have a doorstep delivery system and an automated tracking process. To check out their personalized corporate gift options, visit

Paper Vs Digital Business Cards

Business cards don’t just give out essential contact information, but also help increase your brand awareness. Every enterprise must know how to leverage a business card as an effective marketing tool. There has always been a contest between paper business cards and digital business cards. While some believe that the traditional printed business cards are better, others feel that digital business cards have an upper hand in this technology-driven world. But the fact remains that paper business cards have survived the test of time and are still an integral part of marketing strategies.

A paper business card is a physical extension of your business and so, the tangibility of these cards helps current and prospective customers remember your business. The high paper quality of the card reflects that the company’s products or services are top notch. Whereas, the digital business card relies entirely on its overall design for an impact. They lack the sense of touch that paper-based cards have. The entire process of sharing a printed business card - the handshake, business talks, etc, helps build good business relations. This is not the case with sharing the cards online.

Printed business cards also add to the sense of legitimacy of your business. While people are overwhelmed with the influx of emails and online pop ups, there is no certainty whether they have opened your digital business cards. But, when you share a printed business card with your clients/customers, it is a given that the recipient will go through its content at least once.

It’s not as if digital business cards have no advantage over paper cards. The major benefit is that unlike the paper cards, there is no lack of space here. One can include as much information as needed on digital business cards. But nowadays, two- and three-fold business cards can be easily printed, giving more space for the content. Another factor is that digital cards do not waste paper and are eco-friendly. But nowadays, every business is looking for sustainability and is making necessary changes to go green. The printed business cards too can be recycled and the use of eco-friendly paper is on a rise. Overall, paper business cards are reliable, trustworthy, cost-effective, and definitely a better choice as compared to digital business cards.

PintStop, a well-established online printing service, offers a wide range of printed business cards. They have over a hundred industry-specific ready-to-use designs and also an in-house design team to help you customize your business cards. They offer doorstep delivery and you can easily track your package through automated emails and SMS. Check out their business cards designs at

How A Professional Printing Firm Can Use Colour To Drive Sales?

Colour is a key factor in professional printing because it can instantly grab the attention of people and turn prospects into customers. Each colour evokes a different emotion/response and hence, every professional printing firm should think twice before choosing colours for printed items. For example, in the case of corporate printing, a print company should have a discussion with their clients and help them select a colour scheme which will complement their brand image and other marketing materials.

The colour green gives refreshing and warm vibes, lending customers a pleasing feeling. If a firm wants to portray an image of being environmentally friendly, it should have green as their dominant colour in their marketing materials. If a company has a red colour in their logo or other branding items, it shows that they are very passionate about their business because the red colour is exciting and can evoke a sense of urgency. The classic colours – gold, black and white – are used the most because they go well with almost every other colour. While yellow is a colour of happiness and optimism, blue stands for serenity and gives away a trustworthy vibe. Purple is a royal colour and lends a touch of elegance to your brand.

A professional printing company should have industry-specific colour schemes ready for their clients. They should give enough artistic liberty to their clients and let them experiment with a few colours before finalising the finished look. By giving a preview of how certain colours would look like on their branding items, the professional print company can assist the clients with choosing the right colour scheme.

PrintStop is one such professional printing company which knows the importance of colours in building your brand. They have an in-house design team named Pehchaan which caters to the clients’ requirements by putting their professional knowledge to use while designing the products. For a lot of printed products, their website offers an online editor tab to help the customers experiment with colours as much as possible. They have three printing solutions viz. Pro Admin, Pro Marketing and Pro Brandstore which simplifies the corporate printing process. To know more about PrintStop, visit

Top 6 Business Card Trends

Irrespective of the niche of your business, it is very important to keep up with the newest trends in the industry. If you want to survive the competition, do not overlook the necessity of keeping your business and services up to date. In the print industry too, there are new trends coming up time and again. The business card is one such marketing tool which should particularly be designed keeping in mind the ongoing trends. Here are top 6 business card trends you must follow:

  1. Simplicity- ‘Less is more’ has now become the ultimate mantra for business card designers. Crammed up information and designs don’t give a professional look to your business cards. Every enterprise is now going for a simple design and choosing minimalism over fancy. It is said that ‘simplicity adorns the beauty’; well in the case of business cards, ‘simplicity adorns the sophistication’.
  2. Quirky touch- One or two witty lines have never done any harm! Your clients are bombarded with a lot of other business cards, the only way to make yours stand out is to add a quirky touch. It may be puns, unique symbols or a witty statement, just add something that would evoke humour and excitement in the recipient.
  3. Innovative shapes and design- The traditional rectangular shapes of the business cards are now a thing of the past. A lot of enterprises are now experimenting with card shapes and designs to make it more eye-catchy. The dual or triple layered cards are trending too.
  4. Smart Card- Nowadays, printed business cards have these QR codes which directs the recipients to the company’s website or social media sites. This not only saves up some space but also makes the business card more informative.
  5. Bigger fonts- Apart from the colours, fonts play a key role when it comes to business card designs. Big and bold typefaces help direct the recipients’ attention to specific and important information.
  6. Hand-illustrated business cards- Yes! business cards are nothing bust marketing tools. But you can always add a personal touch by including your unique illustrations. Hand-illustrated business cards show care and approachability and have a delicate feel to it. If you’re a small business which likes having one-on-one interactions with your customers, this is certainly the trend for you.

PintStop, a well-established online printing service, offers a wide range of prime business cards and visiting cards printing. They have over a hundred industry-specific ready-to-use designs and also an in-house design team to help you customize your business cards. With thrice the thickness of ordinary cards, these prime visiting cards are ageless- no wrinkles or tears. They have cutting edge design with unlimited coloured seams to choose from. You can even order as low as only 50 prime business cards. They offer doorstep delivery and you can easily track your package through automated emails and SMS. Check out their business cards designs at

The Power of Print in a Digital World

We live in a highly technologically advanced world where every business has a strong digital hold, right from having a great website to a strong social media presence. However, it’d be wrong to believe in the myth that ‘Print is dead’ in this digitalized world. In fact, research has shown that 70% of people are more likely to remember a brand they’ve seen in print compared to online. Printed media still remains to be a trusted source of advertising. Be it brochures, business cards, letterheads, posters, banners, or catalogues, all of these prove to be important marketing tools for any enterprise.


Have you ever been attracted by an online pop-up ad so much that you left your work mid-way? Most often people ignore such online ads because there’s already too much of digital content to be consumed on a daily basis. As looking at electronic screens is a part of many people’s jobs, print media is like a breath of fresh air in this digital world because it is easy on the eye. While digital messages are visible one day and gone the next, print offers far a much-prolonged branding opportunity, all for just a one-time investment.


Another huge advantage of printed media is that there is a lot of room for customization as compared to digital marketing. A company can personalize their printed marketing materials in a way which complements their brand identity. Nowadays, a lot of printing companies have adapted web2print solutions which give their clients the freedom to upload their own unique designs. We, humans, are tactile beings and so, we remember something better once we touch, feel and see a printed product. Print also helps to create better business relations. For instance, simply handing out a business card in a meeting/conference can be the conversation starter.


PrintStop, a professional printing service provider, offers wide range of printed marketing products for your company. Be it flyers, banners, brochures, booklets, business cards, banners, posters, or other retail marketing products, PrintStop has it all. They also have web2print solutions. Their business printing solutions named Pro Marketing, Pro Admin and Pro BrandStore have eased the process of corporate printing. It creates a portal for businesses with all their pre-approved products. For organizations spread across 100+ locations, each location can order through their access. The built-in approval mechanism and reports further simplify the corporate printing process.

The Advantages of being an online print business

The online presence of a print business matters a great deal when it comes to attracting clients and customers. Due to the massive outreach of technology and internet services, everyone now prefers ordering things online rather than making a physical visit to the store. The same is the case with printed materials; since everyone is nowadays constantly in front of their laptop or mobile screens, it is an added benefit if your print business is online. Here are some advantages of being an online print business:

1) Improves search engine visibility- The search engine visibility of your print company is a major deciding factor for increasing sales. Studies have proved that 70% of users actually go on to make contact with a company they find listed on a search engine. If you have a user-friendly website, it goes a long way to increase your SEO ranking. A good website attracts new customers from all over the world.

2) Easy accessibility- When your print business is online, it is available for potential customers 24 hours a day. Thus, you'll be selling your printed products even when your store is closed. It also offers instant quotations and an easy ordering process. With an online storefront, people can click or tap photos of products and order them instantly.

3) Cost-effective- Your online print business helps in reducing the overhead cost as you will require less staff and lesser office space. Using web2print software offers your business the complete flexibility to be up and running in double-quick time because the customer queries are resolved in no time.

4) Easy upload mechanism- Having a website for your print business helps display all of your ready-made designs for various printed products. Your customers can easily browse through your designs or can even upload their own designs, giving way for personalization of printed products.

PrintStop, a professional printing service provider, offers a wide range of printed marketing products for your company. Be it admin or marketing products or other branded merchandise, PrintStop has it all. Their business printing solutions named Pro Marketing, Pro Admin and Pro Brandstore have eased the process of corporate printing. It creates a portal for businesses with all their pre-approved products.

Customized T-Shirts: Powerful Ingredient for Marketing Campaigns

Nowadays, t-shirts are no longer limited to just being a piece of garment, in fact, they’ve turned into powerful marketing weapons for business. In the current fashion scenario, customized t-shirts have become the new trend as it gives an outlet to experiment and be creative with your fashion sense. While one can’t experiment much when it comes to formal clothing, t-shirts remain the safest and best option to be as creative as one can get.

Customized t-shirts have the potential to appeal to a wider target audience. In business events/campaigns, customized printed t-shirts can be used as an effective marketing tool. T-shirt printing has become a thriving aspect of the print industry. Here are some perks of including custom printed t-shirts in your marketing campaigns:

1. They’re cost-effective- If you are looking for a marketing product that won’t harm your budget in any way, and then the customized t-shirt is just the right choice. Generally, there are bulk orders when businesses order customized t-shirts, which makes the per piece cost steep down to lower prices.

2. They’re long-term promotional material- The majority of the printed marketing materials have pretty much a long-cycle, but customized t-shirt tops the list. Customers will hold their t-shirts for a long period of time as they also create an emotional connection. They also outlast the campaign period, hence increasing brand exposure. Make sure that you produce high-quality t-shirts that your clients can wear for a long time.

3. They’re functional- Brochures, business cards, banners, are all informative and only readable, but promotional printed t-shirts are functional items that your audience will get more use out of. T-shirts are worn by people of all age groups and so, when people wear your customized t-shirt, your brand gets more recognition.

4. Employee engagement- Apart from being an essential marketing tool, branded personalised t-shirts can also increase employee engagement. When your employees wear matching t-shirts in sponsored events or other business affairs, they appear as a team and they’ll all feel special when they are being given their own customized tees.

5. Widespread brand recognition- No other printed marketing material is as mobile and popular as customized printed t-shirts. They contribute to increasing brand recognition as every time a client wears your company printed t-shirts, your brand will be marketed everywhere he/she goes.

PrintStop, an online printing company, offers a wide range of services, including t-shirt printing. You can customize your T-shirt by uploading your own unique design or can even get the assistance of their in-office design team Pehchaan. With personalization technology, a combination of embroidery, screen printing and offset printing, PrintStop is no doubt a dependable company to help you up to your fashion game. Both polo t-shirts and round neck t-shirts are available in all sizes and colours. They also have a price-calculator which lets you know the price of your order considering both the quantity and quality of t-shirts. Their printing solution named Pro Brandstore helps companies enhance their brand name and create a sense of belongingness in their employees through customized merchandise.

Benefits of Printed Marketing Material for Your Business

Printed marketing materials continue to be prevalent even in this digitalized world. It is an effective marketing tool which can also be used to point people to your website and online store. Every business wants to create a niche for itself and what better way to accomplish that than promoting your business with printed marketing material such as business cards, posters, brochures, flyers, letterheads, banners, etc. Here are 6 benefits of printed marketing material for your business:

  1. Affordable- With the advent of a lot of technological advancements in the printing industry, the cost of printing has decreased over the years. As most of the business printing services have invested in new equipment that can operate much more efficiently, there is a comparative cut in the production cost of printed items. For instance, the web2print professional printing services have simplified the printing process, hence making printed marketing materials very much affordable. Especially in the case of bulk orders, businesses can decrease their per-unit price to a great extent.
  2. Easy Accessibility- The best advantage of printed marketing materials is that it is portable and does not rely on internet services. While forwarded emails and attachments may get lost in the cluster of other work-related emails, printed products can be saved for later reference and have a wider reach. For example, business cards which are an important market tool can be easily kept in wallets, ready to be used at any given time. There are no fears of online scams when it comes to printed items. The web to print solutions have also made it easy to purchase printed products, everything can now be done with the click of a button.
  3. Tangibility- The tangibility of printed marketing materials is a big plus because people normally remember things depending on how they affect their senses. The tactile sense serves a major role in creating lasting impressions and so, printed marketing is a concrete way of advertising your business. The quality of printed material reflects the quality of your business. As everyone consumes a lot of digital content on a daily basis, the popping online ads are subconsciously ignored by them. Printed marketing materials offer a much-needed break from the digital world. The experience of reading a printed brochure is more personal and engaging than simply reading online content.
  4. Builds Trust- Printed marketing materials add credibility and professionalism to your business; hence increasing the trust factor between you and your customers. When you chose to print your marketing products, it shows that you’ve made efforts to enhance your brand visibility and creates a good impression. Even studies have proved that out of all the mediums available, consumers tend to trust print more. So, having printed marketing materials will go a long way in garnering customers and ensuring success.
  5. Brand Awareness- Considering the heavy competition in the business sector, your company’s marketing strategy should go beyond digital marketing. To make consumers more familiar with your brand and to increase brand awareness, having printed marketing materials is the need of the hour. It allows brands to stand out because print material can have a lasting and a more concrete impression as compared to digital marketing. Also, printed material can be around for days, months or even years. The more people see your logo and brand style on print media, the more likely they are to use your business.
  6. Brand engagement- Studies have proved that printed marketing materials engage viewers for a longer period of time and hence have a higher response rate. Print marketing provides an effective way to deliver messages and increase brand engagement. The web2print services offer enough room for customizing the printed products. With branded merchandise, you can create a stronger hold in the industry and also increase customer loyalty.

PrintStop is a professional printing company which offers web2print professional printing services. Their web to print solutions ensures simplified procurement process, brand compliance, centralised control, and hassle-free bill processing. They have three printing solutions viz. Pro Admin, Pro Marketing and Pro Brandstore. They offer wide range of printed marketing products for your company. Be it flyers, banners, brochures, booklets, business cards, banners, posters, or other retail marketing products, PrintStop has it all. They believe in providing as much artistic liberty to their customers as possible. You can either upload your own design or get a custom design made by their in-house design team named Pehchaan. Their built-in approval mechanism and reports further simplify the corporate printing process. Learn more about their solutions at

8 Tips for Choosing Professional Printing Services

Printed marketing continues to survive in this digital world and plays an important role as an effective marketing tool. The printed marketing material of your business helps create a positive representation of your brand. If the quality of your printed materials is not good enough, then your customers might think that even your products or services are not of top-notch quality. Choosing professional printing services can be a tough task considering the plethora of options available. Here are 8 tips for choosing professional printing services:

  1. Check the quality- While choosing any professional business printing services, your topmost priority should be ‘quality’ of the printed materials because it, in turn, reflects the quality of your business. You should ask for sample printed items and inspect them as the quality of the final print will impact your brand. Especially if you are looking for bulk orders, prior quality-check is of utmost importance. You can view product samples on their website, but an even better option is to ask them for a sample product for checking the paper stock, color consistency and print quality. Shortlist some printings companies and compare their samples to make a better choice.
  2. Ensure whether they offer what you need- You want to make sure that the print company you choose has the capabilities to print the products that you require. Firstly, decide on the types of printed products you want for your business and then look out for such a professional printing service that offers them all. Make sure you don’t feel the need to run to different companies for getting various products. Choose such a printing company that offers products ranging from business cards, brochures, calendars, door hangers, envelopes, letterheads, newsletters, banners, posters, stickers, flyers, and labels.
  3. Consider the level of customer service- The abilities of a business printing company to communicate effectively with its clients is an important factor to consider while choosing a professional printing service. Make a point to look for a printing company that can manage your project in its entirety, from print, personalization, collation, finishing, binding, storage and fulfillment. It is far more cost-effective and efficient if the same company handles every step. Choose such a printing company that will guide you through the whole printing process and gives you frequent updates.
  4. Research about the company's reputation- Do significant research and choose such a professional printing company that has been in business for a significant amount of time. This way, you will have a company that is familiar with the industry and has more expertise in bringing out the best through printed marketing materials. You can go through their website and read through the reviews to get an idea about their credibility. Use social media like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to check on other client experiences.
  5. Make sure they are reliable- A very important factor to consider is their response time and ability to accommodate as per your needs. Look out for only those professional printing services which can meet your deadlines irrespective of the quantity and quality of your order. Make sure the professional business printing company you choose is reliable and efficient. It is important to ensure that your printing products will be delivered in a timely manner because any delay in printing would leave a negative impact on your own company’s commitment and schedule.
  6. Check whether they are technically proficient- Look out for those professional printing companies which have adapted new technologies like web to print solutions. When choosing professional printing services, it is a big plus if they do a variety of innovative print styles and techniques, enabling you to get creative with your type of design. They should double-check whether your design will work well on the selected format and also be able to accommodate any design and print ideas in the best possible way.
  7. Ensure whether they have a good delivery system- Do not commit the mistake of just focusing on printed products and forgetting to cross-check the delivery system of the printing company. All the efforts put into creating the printed items would go in vain if professional printing services do not ensure the safe and efficient distribution of your printed materials. You need professional printing services that have a very established logistics and distribution facility for their printing services. If you are a multi-national corporate company, you should make sure to choose a printing company whose delivery is spread out to all your locations.
  8. Get A Quote- Firstly, have a clear budget in your mind and then request a quote regarding your order. It is better to compare the prices offered by your selected printing companies before making the final decision. This will help you choose a business printing company which offers good value for your money.

PrintStop is a professional printing company. Their webs to print solutions simplify the print procurement process. Their printing solutions, Pro Admin, Pro Marketing and Pro Brandstore, will ease your hassles while getting printing products. Learn more about their solutions at

Top Photo Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Giving photo gifts to your loved ones will never go out of style. The whole intention of gifts is to make the other person feel special and what better way to do that than personalized photo gifts? When you give a photo gift to your beloved people, it serves as a beautiful reminder of your relationship and memories. Here are some top photo gift ideas:


1) Photo Frames – Photo frames are one of the most preferred photo gift ideas of all time. It is the best gift that helps us freeze our memories and unforgettable moments of lives into a customized photo frame. Photo frames are like souvenirs of the time spent together with your loved ones and so, they make for a great personalized photo gift idea. Apart from being a gift, it could be a beautiful addition to their home décor. PrintStop, a professional online printing service, offers a wide range of photo frames. Their personalised photo frames are made of high-quality fibre which gives it a stylish look. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to satisfy all your needs, these frames also have an acrylic finishing which lends an elegant touch. Starting at just Rs. 249, photo frames at PrintStop are totally worth it!

2) Personalized Mugs – With the advancements in the printing industry, mug printing has become extremely popular. For all the coffee aficionados and chai lovers, there is no better gift than a personalized mug with their photo on it. You can also print family photos or a photo of you and the person you are gifting this mug to. PrintStop, an online printing company, is just the right stop for getting customized mugs. There is a wide range of options like coffee mugs, tea mugs, magic mugs, metallic mugs, unbreakable mugs, beer mugs, conical mugs, and premium engraved mugs.

3) Photo Magnets - Photo magnets never fail to give you a cosy nostalgic feeling and it is one of the best gift options too. For people who love having a decorated refrigerator, photo magnets are the best choice. PrintStop, an online printing company, has made ordering personalized photo magnet a super easy task. All you need to do is upload the photo and they take care of the rest. The photo magnets are available in 3 sizes: 5.5 Inches x 5.5 Inches (Square) Set of 4, 3.5 Inches x 3.5 Inches (Square) Set of 9, and 3.5 Inches x 5.5 Inches (Rectangle) Set of 6. It has a gloss finish and durable magnetic backing and the thickness is around 0.75 mm. The photo magnets will ship out in 7 working days and will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Seven Tips for Printing Your Marketing Material

Printed marketing materials build trust and reinforce your brand identity, and are tried and tested methods that are as effective as digital marketing. So, a wise entrepreneur will never ignore the importance of corporate printing needs. There are a lot of business printing services that offer a wide range of printed products, but it is upon the entrepreneur to make the best out of them and get an end result of beautifully designed and effective corporate printed products. Here are seven tips to consider while printing your marketing material:

1. Be consistent – For instant recognition and brand consistency, it is important to have uniform printed marketing materials. Every printed product, like business cards, letterheads, brochures, banners, etc, should have the same logo, design, typography, design, themes, and colors. Your customers and clients identify you through your marketing materials and so, it is essential to be consistent while designing your printed marketing products. Branding on printed marketing material should also be consistent with your website. 

2. Branded merchandise - Promotional products and complimentary gifts are an important marketing tool as they increase brand loyalty. In order to build your brand, it is a smart choice to have branded merchandise. Be it pens, apparels, mugs, calendars, diaries, desk pads, notepads, etc, every branded product goes a long way to increase your sales. A major advantage of using promotional material is that it lends brand recognition and customer engagement.

 3. Keep it Simple – The primary aim of printed marketing materials is to advertise your company and the safest option to accomplish it is to keep things simple. If you include too many details or use a lot of fonts and colors, it might distract or confuse the customers and make them lose their focus from the actual content. Usually, people have a shorter attention span and even lesser time at hand, so create and design your marketing items in a way that it gives a gist of your business and your brand values.

4. Do not compromise on quality – Your printed marketing materials speak for your company; they reflect your brand values. And so, high-quality printed marketing materials leave a good first impression and grab the attention of customers. The higher the quality, the better the impression you will make. If you compromise on quality to cut on the prices, you could create a negative perception of your brand, and that is the last thing you want your marketing materials to do

5. Choose experienced designers - Add a ‘wow’ factor to your marketing materials by seeking help from professional designers. Nowadays, web2print professional printing services are on a rise. These web to print portals have their own professional team of designers who know how to make your products look appealing.

6. Have a budget – It is important to have a pre-planned budget before you set out to print marketing materials. Knowing your budget will help you choose well and will also stop you from inconsiderate spending of your money.

7. Be creative – If you want to stand out from your competitors, your printed marketing materials need to stand out. The only way to achieve this is to be creative enough to create a niche for you in this fierce competition. Do not hesitate to experiment or let out your creative flares, because the more unique are your printed products, the more is your brand visibility.

PrintStop, a professional printing service provider, offers a wide range of printed marketing products for your company. Be it flyers, banners, brochures, booklets, business cards, banners, posters, or other retail marketing products, PrintStop has it all. They believe in providing as much artistic liberty to their customers as possible. You can either upload your own design or get a custom design made by their in-house design team named Pehchaan. Their business printing solution named Pro Marketing has eased the process of getting printed marketing materials for your business. It allows a business to create an online portal with all marketing products. For organizations spread across 100+ locations, each location can order through their access. The built-in approval mechanism and reports further simplify the corporate printing process.

8 Reasons: Why Business Cards Are Still Important?

Even though there have been a lot of technological advancements and everything is digitalized, business cards are still irreplaceable. They have stood the test of time and still remain an effective tool to drive customers and clients. Business cards usually contain key contact details of a company. For clients and general customers, business cards are a window to peep into a company’s possible quality of products or services. It may just be a small piece of paper, but that small piece of paper is a powerful tool and a crucial part of marketing yourself. Here are 8 reasons why business cards are still prevalent in this digital world:

  1. A quick first impression - A business card serves as a first insight into the company’s services and hence leaves a quick first impression. A company logo, tastefully displayed company details, use of the right brand colors and typeface surely give the card a professional look. It makes a brand recognizable for customers. Business cards capitalize on the little time you have to make an impression and share your information with the people you are trying to make connections with.
  2. A direct marketing tool - While search engine optimization, emails, and other marketing methods fetch leads and potential clients, still business cards remain to be a more effective marketing tool. In a trade fair, seminar, or a business meeting, there isn’t much time left for branding your business. In such cases, handing out a business card does the job of marketing your enterprise. Because of the in-person meeting that goes with the sharing of the cards, it becomes a concrete reminder of your company.
  3. Builds trust- Since there is a lot of warmth and personal greetings exchanged when sharing the cards, it helps in building a fair amount of trust. Organized card design speaks well for the business.
  4. Displays professionalism– The fact that your company has given thought to the image and branding of your business through the business cards lends a professional touch to the business. When you have a business card, it signals to people that you have experience with networking and are prepared.
  5. Has a personal touch– Because a business card is a concrete way of introducing your company; when you hand out a business card, you're handing out a physical extension of your business. The tangibility of these cards helps current and prospective customers remember your business when designed with creativity. So, a business card is always a better option than a hastily typed first name and a mobile number lost among hundreds of already saved contacts.
  6. Builds communication– While emails, search engine optimization, and social media all are easy means of attracting customers, they still aren’t as effective as an in-person meeting sealed with a handshake along with a business card exchange. It could be tradeshows, industry conferences, happy hour, airport lounges, meetings, seminars, etc, all these times turn into an opportunity to make a valuable business connection if you have a business card ready to hand out.
  7. Always Accessible– Emails can get lost in the sea of other emails and phones can be damaged, which means a potential client has lost all of your contact information because the client is at the mercy of technology. A business card, although it can be lost, is rather easily accessible. You can even exchange them in situations where your cell phones need to be turned off, such as on planes or in hospitals. And unlike websites or data connections, business cards don’t go down because of server issues, they are right there waiting for you.
  8. Gives a face to your brand- Business cards don't just have your name, email, or phone number on it, it also has graphics, logos, and images. Together, all of these elements project an image of your business. Business cards visually represent your business's identity. They give a face to your brand when contacts look at them, reminding them of who you are and what you do.

    PintStop, a well-established online printing service, offers a wide range of prime business cards and visiting cards printing. They have over a hundred industry-specific ready-to-use designs and also an in-house design team to help you customize your business cards. With thrice the thickness of ordinary cards, these prime visiting cards are ageless- no wrinkles or tears. They have an innovative edge design with unlimited colored seams to choose from. You can even order as low as only 50 prime business cards. They offer doorstep delivery and you can easily track your package through automated emails and SMS. Check out their business cards designs at